Online Workshop “Solutions to Minimize Road Impacts on Fauna”

Orchids found on EM535 road verges!
Online Workshop “Innovative Solution for the Reduction of Bird Mortality in Medium Voltage Power Lines: the Eco Esteira Horizontal”

Online Workshop “Solutions to Minimize Road Impacts on Fauna”

On April 29th, at 9:30 AM, LIFE LINES will hold online the Workshop “Solutions to Minimize Road Impacts on Fauna”. The event will be organized by the University of Évora and the Infraestruturas de Portugal.

This workshop aims to disclose a set of solutions for this purpose, implemented and tested within the scope of the project, with reference to its technical requirements, conditions of applicability, demonstrated effectiveness and cost-benefit ratio. In this way, a base work will be provided to evaluate alternatives in the context of protection and design of new roads, for the improvement of existing ones, or for mitigation of critical mortality events detected.

The program will feature the presentation of the LIFE LINES project by António Mira from the University of Évora; the description of the impacts of the roads on the fauna and how to select and plan the most suitable solutions by Pedro Salgueiro of the University of Évora; and the presentation of solutions to minimize the impacts of roads on fauna, tested within the scope of the LIFE LINES Project in a joint presentation between Graça Garcia of Infraestruturas de Portugal and Luis Guilherme Sousa of the University of Évora.

The participation is free, but registration is mandatory, since the number of participants is limited. Register yourself in advance using the following link