Alexandra Raimundo

Ms. Raimundo holds a BSc. (licentiate's degree) in Landscape Architecture from the University of Évora. She ‘s part of the Urban Requalification and Planning Department in the Municipality of Évora. She joined this municipality in 2000 and her experience includes landscape planning studies, development of public gardens and parks projects, elaboration of technical advisory on urban and environmental impacts, technical supervision of sites, maintenance of urban furniture and landscape.

Team Câmara Municipal de ÉvoraTeam Câmara Municipal de Évora

Antónia Pereira


Cláudia Angelino

Degree in Civil Engineering from the Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Beja (School of Technology and Management Beja). In 2003, started activities "Direction, Coordination and Planning Contracts Public and Private" the Company "Consdep – Engenharia e Construção, SA". In 2007, joined the Inspection team, as "Responsible for Planning and Cost Control" of the Contract for "Construction of Beja Airport - Phase 1, Operational Areas, Roads and Parking" the Company "Fase – Estudos e Projetos, SA" . In 2008, he joined the Public Works Inspection Division of the "Câmara Municipal Évora," to date.

Team Câmara Municipal de ÉvoraTeam Câmara Municipal de Évora

Joaquim Costa

Mr. Costa holds a BSc. (licentiate's degree) in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon Technical University, and he is a Chartered Civil Engineer. He joined the Municipality of Évora in 1983 and he currently heads the Operational Services Department. His experience includes the roles as head of the Quality and Environment Department from 2004 to 2013, and the direction of the public water, sewage and waste management services from 1987 to 2004.


Olga Grilo

BSc. (licentiate's degree) in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering by Castelo Branco Polithectnic Institute She works in the Urban Requalification and Planning Department of the Municipality of Évora, where she is part of the team responsible by the Municipal strategy for Climate Change Response, having as main scope of action the definition of local proposals to tackle climate change. She joined the Municipality of Évora in 2002 having worked in proposals for municipal policies and strategies related with land and environment management. Her roles also include the participation in the project team that worked over the Espaço Rural do Sítio de Monfurado requalification, conducted in partnership with Montemor-o-Novo City Council.


Pedro Guerreiro

Mr. Guerreiro is a member of the Municipality of Évora since 2005, having as main roles the elaboration of topographic building documents and support to building works. He holds a Level 4 Qualification in Topography, specializing in land movements and with broad experience in roads, rails, dams, ports, airports, plants and rivers. He is a topographer since 1991 being trained by the CICCOPN.


Pedro M. M. Correia

Specialist Technician in Geotechnics from the University of Évora. In 1999, began working at the " Instituto de Gestão e Alienação do Património Habitacional do Estado" as Civil Construction Professional Technician . In 2001, he joined the "Municipality of Évora " as Civil Construction Technical Assistant in the area of ​​supervision of public works, where he remains in office . It is part of the work group for the implementation of the “Drinking Water Safety Plan "of the city of Évora.


Pedro Vieira

MSc. in Landscape and Architectural Property Regeneration by the University of Évora and a BSc. in Civil Engineering by Leiria Polithectnic Institute. He currently heads the Municipal Works Department for the Municipality of Évora, with responsibilities over Works Procurement, Electric and Mechanical Equipments and Water and Sewage Systems Network.s He joinned the the aforementioned Department for the Municipality of Évora in 2007. Mr. Vieira joined Montemor-o-Novo City Council firstly within the Urban Administration Department and then within the Municipal Works Department.