Linear infrastructures compromise biodiversity

In Biosfera (Episode 15) - 22-04-2017

LIFE Project creates network of infrastructures that facilitate passage and avoid roadkill on animals

In 90 segundos de ciência (Episode 172) - 19-07-2017

IP announces creation of wildlife protection structures at EN114 in Montemor-o-Novo

In Ambiente Magazine - 08-01-2018

In Alentejo fences will be mounted to protect the flight of owls

In Mundo Português - 09-01-2018

LIFE LINES Project Young Volunteers - Day 2

In Radio Nova Antena - 31-01-2018 |

Project LIFE LINES is news in RTP

In Portugal em Direto - 09-03-2018

"Biodiversity islands" created under electricity pylons in Alentejo
In Sapo 24 - 30-10-2018

IMT signs cooperation protocol with ANTT

Participação do projeto LIFE LINES/IP em reunião para assinatura de protocolo de cooperação entre o IMT e a ANTT. In - 16-11-2018

Roads, a threat to wildlife

In - 30-11-2018

IP available to assess placement of amphibian road signals throughout the country

In - 01-02-2019

Montemor-o-Novo Environmental Interpretation Center about to open doors

In Sul Informação - 10-02-2019

Making Portuguese roads safer for vulnerable wildlife

In Webpage European Commission - 13-02-2019

Montemor-o-Novo students install barriers to avoid amphibian roadkill

In Rádio Campanário - 06-04-2019

LIFE LINES on TV Nacional

In RTP 1 - 09-04-2019

Green infrastructure project born under power pylons

In Eco Sapo - 03-07-2019

"Minuto Verde" about LIFE LINES Project

In RTP 1 - 09-07-2019

"Minuto Verde" about caution when encountering an animal crossing the road

In RTP 1 - 18-07-2019

Researcher coordinates innovative project at national level

In Folha de Montemor - 28-08-2019

European Researchers Night

In Youtube - 01-10-2019

Approval of road signs

In TSF - 22-10-2019

In Search of the Creatures of the Dark in Montemor-o-Novo

In Wilder - 26-12-2019

In Bologna (Italy) a project of volunteers wants to implement road signs to alert drivers to amphibians, similarly to the ones in the LIFE LINES Project.

In Gazzetta Motori - 21-02-2020

"A trip to the center of Alentejo in search of amphibians" a story written by Mariana Souto to Wilder

In Wilder - 02-11-2020