This platform is intended to be used by any citizen who wants to report occurrences of animal’s roadkill in Portugal.

The information to be recorded must include at least the species common name and the place where the roadkill was observed.

The report of the roadkill can be made into the system in two ways: (1) with a photographic record of the animal, a situation that is considered ideal, and where the photo needs to be uploaded; and (2) without photographic registration.

In both situations, the user must indicate as closely as possible the location of the roadkill, clicking on the point on the map where the observation was made. In the "notes" field, any additional information that the user considers relevant can be specified, such as, in the absence of a photograph, the suggestion of the species, whenever this is not available in the pre-selected list of animals, and the reasons that led to this identification.

The information sent by the citizens will be used to identify road stretches with abnormally high levels of roadkill, helping to define measures to minimize the situation and ensure road safety.

To send a record with a photo, click here.

To send a record without a photo, click here.