LIFE LINES – ARCHITECTURE FOR WILDLIFE wins 1st Prize in the Environment & Ecology category at XV International Tourism Film Festival ART&TUR 2022

1st Prize in the Environment & Ecology category was the result of the participation of the documentary “LIFE LINES – ARCHITECTURE FOR WILDLIFE” in the fifteenth […]

Best Practice Guide to Manage Vegetation and Promote Biodiversity in Linear Infrastructures

LIFE LINES project launches Best Practice Guide to disseminate procedures for biodiversity management, with emphasis on the plant diversity of marginal areas associated with linear infrastructures. […]

Best Practice Guide to Monitor and Record Roadkill Data

LIFE LINES launches Guide that provides the basis for the adoption of Good Practices in the monitoring and recording of roadkilled fauna aimed mainly at actors […]

Proposal of ecological solutions for the promotion of Biodiversity in road verges

LIFE LINES and CIMAC produce a document with proposals for ecological solutions to promote biodiversity in the marginal strips of roads, making road safety, the defense […]